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Wellness is much more than having a healthy body. 

Like the facets of a crystal, the dimensions of wellness encompass purpose, joy, activity, relationships, vitality, relation to nature,  and more. These facets of wellness are reflected in our daily lives and manifest in our sense and presentation of health & contentment.

  • Are you continually struggling with a health issue?

  • Have you exhausted all efforts to 'get healthy'?

  • Are you confused by the shift and change in today's health care advice regarding nutrition, exercise, etc…?

  • Are you interested in better understanding how lifestyle habits are influencing your health?

  • Are you ready to make a lasting change for the better?​​

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Wellness Pursuits gives you easy access to a wide variety of professional-grade nutritional supplements and doTerra Essential Oils.

We invite you to join our weekly Yoga classes. Yvette also offers personalized, mindful training sessions in yoga and fitness. 

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