​Sarah E. Chrosniak, 200RYT
Sarah started her yoga journey over a decade ago and became a certified teacher in 2015. Her practice and teachings are influenced by many different types of yoga, meditation, and ayurveda. She received her 200RYT through the Premanada Yoga School. Sarah believes yoga can be used as a tool for feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally and in the roughest times, yoga can help pull one out of the mud.

Sarah is a mother to three rowdy boys and is a creative at heart. She enjoys photography, music, writing, and cooking. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2010 and contemplates a Masters degree daily. Sarah is currently enrolled in the Shakti School to become certified as an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach. 

Sarah invites you to connect: Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, or on her blog.

Guest Instructors

Jeff Rieves, The Successful Gardner & Threefold Yoga

​​Jeff came to Yoga as so many people do, because of a physical challenge. His practice quickly expanded to meditation and breathwork, helping him deal with the stresses of modern life. Because He’s been a teacher of one kind or another for over 30 years, the positive changes Yoga has brought to his Life encouraged him to become a Yoga teacher. He graduated from Wild Lotus Soul School in New Orleans, LA, in 2014.
The philosopher Joseph Campbell said, “If you really want to help people in this world, what you will have to teach is how to LIVE in it.” Through the principles of Yoga, Jeff teaches people how to create a world of Unconditional Love, Creative Energy, And Real Abundance. Meet Jeff for men's yoga and also over on his website: 

Clear Your Path to Optimal Health & Well-Being

Machelle McCann, owner of Mount Airy Massage & Wellness

Machelle teaches all levels of yoga classes and various health & wellness workshops. She is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga instructor in both VA and NC. She also offers free services through her new KaPOWering adventure.

Connect with Machelle at www.mamawnc.com

photos courtesy Kristen Horton Photography

Yvette Ladd  

founder, Health & Wellness Professional

Yvette’s love and curiosity of the human body has long inspired her pursuit of personal wellness. This passion fuels her current teachings and service offerings to her clients. She believes that when provided the appropriate resources individuals have extraordinary potential for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Yvette’s integrated health programs are a fusion of her education and experience in the health and fitness professions and offer her clients a customized healing path with regard to the whole person. Utilizing modalities such as movement practices (exercise/yoga), conscious nutrition, nurturing routines and a supportive environment, Yvette works with clients to reestablish equilibrium and create optimal, lasting health.

Yvette is a Registered Pharmacist & a Certified Yoga Therapist via Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as well as a Phoenix Rising Group Facilitator and Life Mentor. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with additional certification in Vinyasa Yoga​. A lifelong student of the healing arts, Yvette is currently pursuing international yoga therapy certification (C-IAYT), certification in Therapeutic Thai Yoga Bodywork and as a Functional Aging Specialist. She hopes to top all of this off as Certified Health Coach in 2018. 

Yoga & fitness classes and consultative services are offered in The Soul Asylum at Wellness Pursuits - a beautiful space to explore your health and well-being in private consultation or in group classes and workshops.​

"In my time here, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have been privileged to be supported by a growing population of retirees; men and (mostly) women who recognize that staying well provides the opportunity to enjoy this later phase of life - to garden, travel, engage with active grandchildren, and explore new adventures. As such, programs continue to be created and directed towards this population. Workshops for back health and stress balance and an 8-week program for women called Embracing Age as a Superpower are just some of the outgrowths of recognizing that purpose and meaning are lifetime aspirations. The body, mind, emotions, and spirit are our way to optimal health and wellbeing." ~ Yvette