​I have learned how to get on the path to Wellness. It has been three months since my consultation with Yvette and my energy level has increased as well as my strength and flexibility. My overall emotional and mental state has improved. I feel confident that I can continue successfully with the guidelines set up by Yvette.  

Eleanor, a 63 year old Grandmother who wants nothing more than good health in a flexible and energetic body​​!

I met with Yvette to discuss nutrition and some health issues I have been having.  She is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.  She gave me great ideas of foods that I need to be eating to help control my sugar levels.  She also ordered me a product to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which has been amazing! I have searched for someone like her for a long time and I am very thankful, I have found her! 

Jan T., 2014


“With my recent diagnosis of breast cancer, I felt that  “stretching my arms” would be great exercise and help me to heal. Little did I know that I would be stretching my mind, heart and soul to find a place where I feel more strong and healthy, more mentally and spiritually alive than ever before.

Yvette’s yoga therapy encompasses the whole person and challenges you to become your best self, using your own strengths, and learning to change weaknesses into areas for tremendous growth. I highly recommend Yvette’s expertise. I plan to continue learning from her and seeing how far I can “stretch” my heart!”

 Cindy H., 2017

Clear Your Path to Optimal Health & Well-Being

In the summer of 2015 I was hospitalized for severe depression. It felt like I had fallen into an emotional pit without a ladder. The sense of hopelessness & despair consumed me. Although my friends and loved ones were supportive of my health and well-being, my struggles worsened. I saw few signs of progress as my appetite faltered, I lost weight, couldn't sleep and I developed chronic fatigue. All of this while I was trying to adjust to medications to treat my depression and anxiety. In addition to medication I was also seeing a mental health counselor. I wasn't convinced these remedies were all I needed to see progress. A dear friend suggested I try therapeutic yoga. Desperate, I was willing to do anything.

Not only did I get encouraging results from the first session, I was eager for more. I found several benefits from this method, the most important being relief from the overwhelming anxiety caused by my depression. I found that being aware of muscle tension is critical to the relaxation process. Also, allowing Yvette to perform stretching exercises on my arms and legs enabled me to relax and feel rather contemplative. There is definitely a meditative quality that rejuvenated my spirits. 

Since this time I have added a rigorous exercise program and other holistic resources to my regimen. I credit my overall improvement to being proactive and incorporating all of these methods with yoga therapy being a vital tool.

RR - a retiree, recovering from an unexpected break-up, 2015